Component Type Comments
Engine Ford 1660cc X-flow (GT spec) From an automatic Ghia Mk.II Escort. Almost completely rebuilt, including rebore and lead-free conversion. The aim was to get about 100BHP from the whole package (nearly got there).
Gearbox Ford Mk9 5-speed From a Sierra
Carburettor Weber DGV 32/36 Tuned on a rolling road.
Propshaft Autoprop Didn't fancy making my own!
Axle Escort MkII 3.89:1
Front Hubs Cortina MkV As per book
Front Brakes Cortina MkV As per book: reconditioned calipers, new discs
Front Shocks & Springs Avo adjustable; 275 lb/in  
Rear Shocks & Springs Avo adjustable; 150 lb/in  
Wheels 5.5 inch Superlite Alloys "Traditional" look.
Tyres 185/70 R 13 Yokohama S306
Harnesses Sabelt 4-point harness
Steering Column Sierra Light switches removed, replaced by dash mounted items. Indicator/flash switch retained
Steering Rack Escort MkII Slightly faster ratio (2.7:1)
Radiator VW Polo Part No. 86712125 3E - snug but easy fit in a standard nose cone.
Exhaust System From Dwornik Engineering Tubular steel, inexpensive(-ish), shaped to fit the Locost
Exhaust Silencer Chromerzone A bit expensive, but made to fit the car.
Fibreglass Nose cone, standard wings at rear, cycle wings at front. All from Triton Sportscars. Good finish, solid, and well made.
Instruments Greengauges/CA Speedo, tacho, oil pressure, water temp and petrol.