The background to my Locost build

The old urge

No, not that one...

Many years ago I used to ride motorcycles, varying in size from 250cc to 500cc. They were loads of fun, and I used to do up to 400 miles (640 kilometers) per week. Unfortunately, British roads and traffic being what they are, I came off more times than my wife would tolerate (I was never hurt, but my bike often suffered). Bikes were eventually banned by "She who must be obeyed."

However, I still fancied having the wind blowing in my hair (what's left of it), so I stared longingly at the four-wheeled alternatives, i.e. Caterhams, Westfields, and so on. Sadly, staring is all I did, as I had a young family and simply didn't have that sort of spare money. I was stuck driving boring, front-wheel-drive, motorised boxes.

The TV programme

Sometime in 1997 I was watching a motoring programme on TV, which had a feature about an eccentric looking gentleman who taught engineering at a school near Peterborough. He explained how the school's pupils were building these cars and driving them around. It soon became clear that these cars were very similar in appearance to the cars of my dreams, and that I might be able to afford to build one. I started to make enquiries!

The Book

My searches took me to a local bookshop, where I found the answer to my dreams!

This book was read, studied, and generally digested for several months. The project looked possible - my wife gave a cautious approval - the project was on!