Removing the Kent Crossflow distributor


A while ago I fitted a Megajolt Light electronic mappable ignition system, and no longer needed the old distributor. On this engine the distributor can just be taken away, as it has no other functions (unlike the Pinto engine, where it provides a drive for the oil pump). This leaves a great big hole in the engine block that needs to be blocked with something that won't leak oil (as would a flat steel plate) - so I designed and made a steel plug.

Making the steel plug

The plug is turned on the lathe from general-purpose mild steel, and is intended to replicate the dimensions of the end of the original distributor shaft.

Apologies if the drawing is not presented in any sort of standard way - I'm not a professional draftsman!

Fitting the plug

The first step is to remove the original fixing bracket from the base of the old distributor and fit it to the plug, right up to the shoulder. The whole assembly can then be pushed into the hole in the block and fixed with the original bolt.

So far, it has proved to be very effective - and it does free up a lot of space in the engine compartment.