Shift lights


Some time ago I fitted a MegaJolt Light ignition system to my crossflow engine. This system gives an option for a single shift light, plus 4 programmable outputs that can be set to operate at certain settings of rpm or engine load (kPa).

I decided to install a set of 5 shift lights, 3 green, 1 yellow and 1 red, to operate in sequence as I approached maximum revs. The problem of physically installing these lights soon arose - there were few places where I could put them in line-of-sight, the choice being either on top of the scuttle (where it would have been obtrusive and awkward) or on top of the steering shroud (where it would have got in the way of the Bright6 lights).

In the end I decided to put them on top of the shroud, but sunk into it to reduce the height.


The first stage was to prepare the shift-light box (from Maplins) by drilling 5 holes for the LEDs, and to cut a rectangle into the top part of the shroud. The hole needs to be a snug fit, so that the box can be glued in with solvent adhesive.

Once the box was glued in it was left overnight to make sure it was totally hardened.

After the glue was hard the gaps and angles were filled with body filler, then rubbed down.

The whole thing was then sprayed with Halfords plastic primer to blend in the addition.

Finally it was sprayed with Plastikote black primer and satin black.

After installation the light assembly seems to have blended in nicely, and doesn't get in the way of the other lights (Bright6).

The only problem at the moment seems to be with my choice of high-brightness LEDs for the display - when I tested them in a darkened garage I had spots before my eyes for 10 minutes after! Maybe I need a few more resistors...

Oh yes... I know my indicator stalk is missing - that was work in progress when building this unit...